Esoteric  Healing Excerpt #4 Pg.67


“IRRITATION is a basic psychological complaint and has its roots in the intensification of the astral body, which definitely produces abnormal effects upon the nervous system. It is a disease of SELF-INTEREST, SELF-SUFFCIENCY and of SELF-SATISFACTION. Therefore we will deal with irritation, “IMPERIL,” as it is called by exponents of the first ray, such as the Master M. (Master Morya. mdb).”

Pg. 3   of Esoteric Healing by Alice A. Bailey: 


“The ETHERIC body VITALIZES the dense physical body and thus INTEGRATES it into the energy body of the EARTH and of the Solar System. The etheric body is a WEB of ENERGY STREAMS of LINES of FORCE and of LIGHT. It UNDERLIES all forms through which the cosmic forces flow. This constant circulation of life forces through the etheric bodies of ALL forms is the BASIS of all manifested life, and the expression of the essential NON-SEPARATENESS OF ALL LIFE.  (This is why astrology works, mdb). 

“The ASTRAL or desire body (sometimes called the emotional body) is the effect of the interplay of DESIRE and SENTIENT response upon the self at the center, and the resultant effect in that body, is experienced as EMOTION. 90% of the causes of physical disease is to be found in the Astral and the Etheric bodies.

“The MENTAL body is the 4th mechanism at the disposal of the soul. (The 1st was the dense physical body mdb). Only 5% of modern disease originates in the mental body. Diseases today are found in the lack of vitality or in too much stimulation, and in the realm of feeling, of desires (thwarted or over-indulged) and in the moods, suppressions or expressions of the deep-seated longing, irritations, etc. which emanate from the DESIRE LIFE of the subject.”

Most of the excerpts in these studies have been taken from the Alice A. Bailey books, published by Lucis Publishing Co.  It includes some comments by me (mdb).  When you read these teachings, you will be attuning to the Tibetan Master, Djwahl Kuhl who actually wrote most of the Bailey books.  As the consciousness of humanity develops, more of the Ancient Wisdom Teachings as was known by Pythagoras, is released by the Spiritual Hierarchy of our planet to us.




Esoteric  Healing  Excerpt #6 Pg. 82


“If you were to ask me what, in reality, lies behind all disease, frustrations, error and lack of divine expression in the three worlds (physical, astral, mental MDB) I would say it was SEPARATIVENESS which produces the major difficulties arising in the etheric body, plus the inability of the outer tangible form to respond adequately to the inner and subtler impulses. Here is found the cause (the secondary cause, as I pointed out above) of the bulk of the trouble.  (In "Light on the Path", the Master Hilarion says: “Kill out all sense of separateness.  Do not fancy you can stand aside from the bad man.  He is yourself though in a less degree than your friend or your Master. But If you allow the idea of separateness from any evil thing or person to grow up within you, by doing so you create karma which will bind you to that thing or person till your soul recognizes that it cannot be isolated. Remember that the sin and shame of the world are your sin and shame for you are part of it ”  MDB) 

Excerpt on Page 211 under footnote:

The World Teacher takes office cyclically. . . . . The Buddha held office until his illumination when His place was taken by the Lord Maitreya whom the Occidentals call the Christ.

“Footnote on page 601

The Life and the Lives. H.P.B. says in the Secret Doctrine:

“Occultism does not accept anything inorganic in the Kosmos.  The expression employed by Science “inorganic substance” means simply that the latent life, slumbering in the molecules of so called ‘inert matter’ is incognizable.  ALL IS LIFE, and every atom of even mineral dust is a Life, though beyond our comprehension and perception…Life therefore is everywhere in the Universe….wherever there is an atom of matter, a particle or a molecule, even in its most gaseous condition, there is life in it however latent and unconscious.” S.D. I, 269, 281, 282.

            Everything lives and is conscious, but all life and consciousness is not similar to the human.    S.D. I, 79.”


 Excerpt from “A Treatise on Cosmic Fire“


“Footnote on page 246

Deity is within every atom S.D.I, 89,183 (everything is a life and an entity with consciousness.mdb)

The object of the evolution of the atom is Man S.D. I, 206

Every atom has 7 planes of being….S.D., I, 374 (that means it has 7 veils of matter. Everything in manifestation has seven veils of matter including ourselves.mdb”)